A helpful and friendly service

We are well aware of the increasing financial burden facing the motorist and aim to give full value for money each and every time. Our sales staff scour the tyre markets each and every day to ensure that all special offers and savings achieved can be passed to you the motorist. This approach over the last 30 years has helped us build up a loyal army of customers who we now view as friends.

The common theme that our customers comment upon is the integrity and friendliness of our staff. Our staff give honest advice and this instills a bond of trust and confidence that is rarely shared between customer and supplier. This we see as our proudest achievement over the last 30 years.

Our goal is to quote you a competitive price for what you really need not what you think or may have been advised you need. If we can see a way of increasing your mileage return without compromising your financial outlay then we will let you know. We believe that this unbiased approach is what sets us apart.

We offer all brands from budget to premium and our fitters are fully trained in the fitting of the increasingly popular range of Run Flat tyres.

Am I Legal?

The UK Tyre Law requires that your vehicle is fitted with the correct type and size of tyre for the vehicle that you are driving. The legal limit for minimum depth of tread for a car/van is 1.6mm.

Free Tyre Checks

We will inspect your vehicle FREE OF CHARGE to ensure your tyres are completely safe and road legal.

Budget Tyres

We are well aware how difficult times are so we have scoured the tyre world in order to be able to offer quality products at Budget prices.

Premium Tyres

We carry huge stocks of Premium brand tyres in all sizes. Our staff offer unbiased advice to make sure that you get the right tyres at the right price. We also offer a full range of Run Flat Tyres.

Competitive Pricing

Potteries Tyres are committed to providing a quality personal service at prices that you can afford.

We Can Come To You

We offer a "Come to You" service via our fully fitted mobile service vans which enable us to visit your home or place of work to fit tyres.