We understand fleet management

We feel that the service that we offer fleets of cars, vans and trucks is unrivalled and, more importantly, so do our customers. Fleets large and small receive the same degree of uncomplicated professional service.

Fleet inspections can be carried out by our trained technicians at your site at a time and day to suit. There are numerous benefits to be gained by having us professionally monitor your fleet, not least the early identification of damage, pressure loss or uneven tread wear. These factors are the biggest causes of unnecessary financial loss for fleet users. All that we ask is for a chance to save you money.

Our trained technicians use the TREADTRACKER system among others to log all tyre details on each vehicle each month. This enables us to build a data base of information for your fleet. This data helps us to constantly monitor product performance against vehicle suitability and also helps us predict future costs. This is an essential tool to have in our constant battle to reduce your fleet tyre costs.

Online Fleet Inspection Technology

Our TreadTracker system is the UK’s leading vehicle inspection software. For the ‘on-site’ data capture, adopting the Android mobile OS has ensured that the system’s hardware requirements are inexpensive and offer a flexibility of choice from a standard smartphone through to a tablet.

The TreadTracker web reporting offers 24/7/365 secure access to all aspects of vehicle tyre inspections – from a missed vehicle through to insightful management reporting on contract conformance and service performance. The customer can take a ‘virtual’ walk around any vehicle, at any location, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

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Bandvulc Key Partner

Potteries Tyres is proud to be a key partner of Bandvulc. The largest independent UK truck tyre retreader Bandvulc has been keeping British and European trucks on the move for more than 40 years.

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Service Provider of the Year

The Potteries Tyres story success story took a dramatic turn in the summer of 2015 at St, George’s Park in our home county of Staffordshire.

Whilst attending the annual Continental Tyres Dealer Network Conference, Potteries Tyres Director Mark Hudson accepted the award of the prestigious Continental Tyres Service Provider of the Year title for 2015. This award is testimony to the hard work and dedication of all of the members of the Potteries Tyres team who have helped develop our story and continue to play a huge part in or future success.

Fleet Tyres Management

Our fleet tyre management service reduces costs. Our expertise in all aspects of Service Provision and our extensive product knowledge enables us to offer a perfect "Package to Suit" every time.

Good Advice Comes Free

Our independent status ensures that the advice that we offer is purely with our customers' interests at heart.

Recognised By Many

The quality of our service has been recognised by the biggest names in the tyre industry.

Size Doesn't Matter

Our ability to lower costs is available to all fleets regardless of size.